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Business Results Preliminary Conference of the second quarter and the first six months of 2013 and methods to direct the implementation the tasks of the third quarter of 2013

THUrsday - 18/07/2013 13:09
On July 5 2013, in the meeting hall of 875 Construction Ltd. Company locates in Danang City, Railway Construction Corporation Joint Stock Company (RCC) had organized a conference to evaluate the business results and labors's life of RCC in the second quarter and the first six months of 2013 then discussed methods to implement tasks of the third quarter of 2013.

Under the lead of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long – General Director of RCC, all the members attending the conference agreed key indicators:

-          The total output value of the second quarter was ​​268.9 billion VND which achieved 106.7% in comparison with the plan. It was 504.43 billion VND for the first six months, equivalent to 52.5 % of 2013 year plan and 125,6% at the same time of year 2012.

-          Completing 36 works and items. Specially, outstanding works such as 3 bridges Dong Nai, Tam Bac and Thi Cau completed  on schedule, quality and safety and already to use for traffic transportation before 19/5/2013

-          Manufacturing 52.100 Pre-stressed Reinforced Concrete Sleepers bars (Including 30.180 bars were manufactured in the second quarter). Producing 60.000 m3 of stones (which were 30 502 m3 in the second quarter), Producing 100 tons steel beams and structural steel (including 70 tons in the second quarter), imported rails and accessories were 11,500 tons equivalent to 27.8 billion VND in worth.

-          Payback in first six months reached 297.59 billion VND, accounting for nearly 40% of the plan.

-          Awarding 3 bid packages which have a worth 253 of billion VND, Signing 7 construction contracts which have a worth of 339 billion VND, the value of  transfer mass which is moved to the third quarter was 1,386 billion VND, to ensure enough jobs for workers.

-          Average income a person per capital/month: The second quarter is expected at 7.796 million VND and 7.851 million VND for the first six months, employees are paid fully amount under the provisions. Profit before tax was 29 billion VND. Investing new 11 of equipment, vehicles which have a worth of 43.23 billion VND.

-          Highly focus to strengthen the leadership of manager board of RCC and subsidiary companies

Beside above achievements, RCC still has some limitative and weak points. Administration and management regulations were not implemented and applied as specific guidelines. Combination between guidance, internal monitoring and executing still were not good as possible so that many mistakes happened. These mistakes mainly focused on process of appointing staff, order and procedures for the procurement of equipment, facilities and materials. As well as work assignment and wage distribution for workers.

All the members attending the conference agreed with the following major tasks in the third quarter of 2013:

-          Planning output value strives on 260 billion VND for the third quarter  and  on 960 billion VND for the year 2013.

-          Continue to implement outstanding works as well as new works, striving to handover 07 works and items.

-          The major works need a guidance which including handover, finalization of the 3 bridges package: Dong Nai -  Tam Bac - Thi Cau, An Dong Bridge - Ninh Thuan; railway overpass at Km982+981, Nhat Le 2 Bridge – Quang Binh, CP3 Package - Yen Vien - Lao Cai Railway line; Package 14: Ong Tan, Yen Lap I, Yen Lap II bridges; Micro project Pha Lai - Ha Long.

-          Casting Pre-stressed Reinforced Concrete Sleepers which are designed for turnout (or switches) in Danang,

-          Improving and upgrading manufacture facilities of steel beam manufactory in Nam O.

-          Payback amount in this term is about 250 billion VND. Striving to win the bid with a total worth of over 500 billion VND to ensure that RCC has enough works for 2014 and value of transfer volume is over 1.300 billion VND. Average income will be over 7.0 million VND/ person / month. Total achieved revenue for 2013 will be over 750 billion VND which includes 59 billion VND in profit.

-          Ensuring the safety at working process for labour, and equipment as well as site safety, traffic safety and social security society.

In order to achieve the above tasks, all the members attending the Conference agreed to following lead methods in the third quarter of 2013:

-          It is necessary to strongly focus on the acceptance for payments, accelerating working progress of projects which already have enough fund for payment,

-          Checking and guiding the implementation of regulations in subsidiaries, continuing to guarantee certain subsidiaries are eligible for business loans and investments as well as improving the autonomy of subsidiaries in business organization, administration and management.

-          Monitoring and evaluating capital using process in these subsidiaries as well as having strengthened methods to ensure that the capital is safety.


Author: Duc Binh

Source: RCC

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