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Business lines

TUEsday - 23/08/2011 16:42
Pursuant to the Certificate of Business Registration dated April 01st, 2011, Railway Construction Corporation Joint stock Company has 34 business lines


Major business lines:

-          Constructing traffic, industrial, civil and irrigational works;

-          Producing pre-cast concrete sheet, pipe, pillar, reinforced concrete pile;

-          Trading and acting the agent of goods;

-          Operating the business of guest house service, pleasure house service, restaurant service;

-          Producing, trading building materials;

-          Trading real estates with ownership or from leasing;

-          Designing traffic works, designing structure of civil and industrial works;

-          Mining stone, sand, gravel, clay and kaolin;

-          Making investment and trading civil, industrial, traffic and irrigational works;

-          Providing investment consultancy in civil, industrial works and technical infrastructure;

-          Supervising the construction of traffic, civil, industrial works;

-          Implementing inspection and technical analysis; testing, checking building materials; testing and checking the mechanical  durability of concrete, structure;

-          Operating the business of domestic and international travel and tourist services;

-          Operating cargo and passenger transport via road;

-          Providing steambath, massage and physiotherapy serives;

-          Exporting – Importing materials, machines, equipment, spare parts, components of the transport industry, the raiway industry and other equipment;

-          Producing, processing wood products, importing and exporting;

-          Trading reject goods and refused materials;

-          Acting the agent of train ticket retail service;

-          Execution of infomation, signal and power works.



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