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Transport minister vows to tighten management of haulage companies

TUEsday - 03/09/2013 09:47
HA NOI (VNS)— Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang yesterday pledged to manage transport enterprises better and prevent them from breaking the law.


The flyover at the Dai Co Viet - Tran Khat Chan intersection in Ha Noi opened to traffic yesterday. — VNA/VNS Photo Huy Hung


He made the pledge during a Q&A session on the operations of transport services held by the National Assembly's National Defence and Security Committee.

He said that many localities fail to take responsibility for managing transport businesses because only 16 out of the 63 provinces and cities have yet to set up any transport management agency whatsoever.

This has resulted in a situation where enterprises signed labour contracts with drivers as a way of getting operations licences. However, they did not supervise the drivers and vehicles and refused to pay insurance costs for them, denying them of their rights, he said.

He said that drivers are usually blamed for accidents and other incidents, however it should be the responsibility of transport companies because the drivers are simply employees, under pressure from the businesses to earn a profit.

"It is necessary to focus on supervising the operations of transport businesses to prevent them from leaving all the work and responsibility to the drivers, as well as forcing them to drive for more than 10 hours a day."

Thang said that overloaded vehicles are also one of the main reasons behind the dilapidated state of the country's roads.

Major-General Tran Dinh Thu, Director of Central Highlands Gia Lai Province's Police Department said that checking the vehicles that use the ports where the goods are loaded is essential.

"The owners of these goods should also be responsible for forcing drivers to carry too much on their vehicles," he elaborated.

Thang agreed and said: "Only the drivers of overloaded vehicles have traditionally been fined. Now, the owners of the vehicles will also be fined."

The ministry will step up checks on transport businesses and introduce vehicle weighing stations, he said.

Deputy Ngo Van Hung suggested that there is a need to add more specific regulations to the operations of haulage services.

Thang said that shortly, passenger transport services and container shipping will become a conditional business type and responsibility will be held by the owners of the vehicles and transport enterprises." 

Source: Vietnamnews

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