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Constructing Van Hoa Bridge, passing over Gianh river - Quang Binh Province

MONday - 26/08/2013 16:15
Construction project of Van Hoa Bridge and approach embankments which have total capital investment is 413.646 million with total length is 3.955m, connecting the 12A Highway at Km17+298 and Song Danh Quang Phuc Cement Manufacture at Ha Trung Commune, Van Hoa Village

In this project, total length is 1.034m, including 2 bridges. One is the bidge over Gianh river which has 755,8m in length and span layout is 5x18+(39.15+4x40)+(48+72+48)+(4x40+39.15)+5x18 and remaind one is railway overpass has 277.2m in length and span layout is 27+7x30+27(m). All are built with permanent reinforced concrete and pre-stressed  reinforced concrete​ structures. The approach embankments has 2.922m in length that include two parts. The road at Km0+00-Km3+534.6 is 12m in length and at Km3+534.6 - km3+955.3 is 21m

The construction of Van Hoa Bridge and communal roads which connected Quang Trach village and Van Hoa village, to satisfy local people's travel needs as well as to meet social - economic development, to ensure safety and rescue for local residents at villages locating at south of Gianh river when storms and flooding may happen. The  project also creates better conditions to explore potential mining development such as construction material, particularly cement industry ...

Project started on 07/1/2011.

Some images of construction site of Van Hoa Brigde

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